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Our Services

New Builds

SMC Builders Ltd. have been the principle contractor on new builds in the Greater Belfast area for over 30 years. From ground work and excavations to final fixtures and fittings - we've got the expert team ready for each stage of your new build.


SMC Builders Ltd. are Belfast's restoration experts. We take pride in restoring old buildings to their former glory. We have an experienced restoration team and can source the bricks, tiles and other commonly used materials for older buildings in Belfast.


SMC Builders Ltd. are extension experts. Extensions can come with their own unique set of challenges so it's important to have an experienced building team in place to advise you on possible pitfalls before they occur.


SMC Builders Ltd. carry out shop fit outs, commercial new builds and factory building projects. Our commercial projects are built to the highest of standards and we're happy to adhere to your own industry requirements.

Listed Buildings

Working with listed buildings is a very specialist job. SMC Builders Ltd. are experienced restoration experts and thus have won various listed building projects over the last 20 years. We can help you modernise your listed house or building whilst maintaining the core features important to the history of the building.

New Build Townhouses & Apartments

We're experienced in new build apartments and town houses. SMC Builders Ltd. meets all HMO and Belfast building regulations.

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